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Recharge Your Hearing

ZPower Recharger

ZPower rechargeable batteries use the power of silver-zinc battery technology to give you all day power on a single charge.

The best thing - a number of existing hearing aids* can be easily converted to be made compatible with this system.

Forget the hassle of disposable batteries - all you need to do is place your hearing aids in the charging dock at night time and they will be charged and ready to go when you are. Full charge is normally reached within 5 to 7 hours. In the event you forget to charge your batteries or to take your charger during travel, the ZPower batteries can be easily swapped with traditional disposable zinc-air batteries, making this system the most flexible of any previously available technology.

If you are planning on looking at new hearing aids in the near future, ask us about which options will be compatible with ZPower. More and more hearing aid models are becoming compatible as time goes by.

For Hello Hearing clients, a full ZPower kit can be purchased for a special introductory price of $450. This includes the battery door conversion on your existing compatible hearing aids, along with the charging dock and a pair of silver-zinc batteries. Batteries are expected to last approximately 6 to 9 months and are currently priced at $100/pair.

If you would like to know more information or to confirm whether your hearing aids are compatible, contact us today.

* hearing aid models currently compatible (as at 15/12/17):

- Oticon Opn miniRITE

- Unitron Moxi Fit

- Unitron Stride M

- Starkey Muse micro RIC 312

Matthew and Jason Le Dilly are brothers who own and run Hello Hearing. They are experienced Masters-level audiologists who operate independently from hearing aid manufacturers. Unlike many other hearing clinics, they offer hearing devices from the full range of reputable manufacturers. For unbiased advice about your hearing health, give us a call today!

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