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Crossover Devices

Augmented hearing

A new category of hearing devices has emerged in recent times known as "hearables".  They are basically "smart" headphones which typically consist of:


  • a speaker; i.e. the headphone component

  • Bluetooth; to communicate with other devices, typically a smartphone

  • sensors; e.g. to track heart rate or proximity

  • microphones; for phone calls, voice control, and in some cases amplification of surroundings

There are a few such devices now on the market.  One of the better products in this category in our opinion are IQbuds, made by a company called Nuheara, based in Perth.



IQbuds create an augmented hearing experience for people with normal hearing or those with a mild hearing loss who aren't yet ready for a fully-fledged hearing aid.

These devices act as a Bluetooth headset to take hands-free phone calls via your smartphone.  They employ high fidelity audio for music enjoyment, along with speech amplification and dynamic noise reduction to enhance your ability to converse with others even in more challenging situations.  You also have the ability to customise your soundscape via an intelligent smartphone app.

IQbuds are available at Hello Hearing.  Contact us for more information.

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