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Middle Ear Implants

All brands, all models

At Hello Hearing, we are proud to offer alternative options to traditional hearing aids in situations where they are likely to provide a greater degree of benefit.  Implantable hearing technology is a rapidly growing area and in recent years there have been a number of exciting developments.  Our clinic has no financial commitments or otherwise to any particular implant manufacturer, and unlike many clinics, we enjoy the ability to offer the most suitable device for your particular condition.  We have strong relationships with a number of experienced ENT surgeons and can give you advice on the most appropriate path for your needs.

There is currently only one approved middle ear implant device available in Australia.

Vibrant Soundbridge

The Vibrant Soundbridge is a unique middle ear implant

system which has opened a world of new hearing possibilities for individuals who have not experienced an improvement with conventional hearing aids or cannot use them for medical reasons. This is often the case with permanent hearing loss after middle ear surgery or when hearing aids cannot be worn due to chronic ear canal inflammation (i.e. otitis externa). The Vibrant Soundbridge can be an effective solution for cases of mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for conductive or mixed hearing loss.  The system consists of two parts: an externally worn audio processor, which sits off the ear, and an internal middle ear implant, which is fully contained under the skin.

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