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Hearing Aid Repairs

All brands, all models

At Hello Hearing, we are proudly independent of hearing aid manufacturers and, as a result, recommend and prescribe the solution best for you and your needs from practically the entire range of mainstream hearing devices.  We are approved suppliers of the very latest hearing technology, and are fully government-accredited to provide subsidised hearing devices to eligible persons, such as those with a Pension or DVA entitlement.

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Maintenance for your Hearing Devices

Your hearing is valuable!  Our team is familiar with all mainstream hearing device brands and routinely provide cleaning and maintenance across a wide range of devices.  We are the first clinic in Australia to offer groundbreaking hearing aid drying technology via Redux.  Moisture and debris are the enemy of electronics and hearing aids and it is important to guard against this. 


At Hello Hearing, you can be sure to receive top-level maintenance on your hearing devices to keep you in the conversation!

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