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Get back to living life on your terms.

We're an independent audiology clinic offering hearing aids and solutions to help you reengage with your community.

Online Hearing Test
Struggling to hear?
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Loss of hearing can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Simple conversations are hindered; you become less aware of what's happening around you; and it can become harder to enjoy the simple things in life. It doesn't just affect the individual - often spouses and family members share in the frustration when it's hard to communicate together.

Hearing loss can be a challenging and isolating experience.


Don't let hearing loss rob you of your quality of life - we're passionate about helping restore relationships degraded through hearing loss.


Book a hearing assessment with one of our audiologists today and get the support you need.

Loss of hearing no longer effects Berni - man riding bike

We're an independent solutions-based audiology practice - so you can be confident we're not trying to sell you a product

We're all qualified audiologists - so you're getting the best help possible, rather than franchise sales assistant's perspective.

We've helped thousands of patients improve their hearing - so you can rest assured we'll have something to assist you.

Hearing and communicating is such a central part of thriving relationships and we've seen too many people struggle with the challenge of hearing loss.

After working with thousands of patients, we understand just how frustrating and isolating it can be to go through the experience of hearing loss. Ultimately, we're here to work with you and your needs to create a plan that gets you back into the conversation.

Here at Hello Hearing, we're an independent and family-owned hearing clinic in Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast which means we can give you unbiased advice on a range of hearing solutions including hearing aids, hearing devices and hearing implants. 

Founded by brothers, Jason and Matthew Le Dilly, who together have decades of experience in audiology, we're fortunate to be trusted by a large network of GP's and ear specialists who refer exclusively to our clinic.


"...I have my life back again!"

— Lynette D.

"...I've been impressed by the friendly, personalised service at Hello, where the emphasis throughout has been on finding the right answer for me personally, not on making a sale."

— A. Smith

“...I could not wish for a better outcome and look forward to our association in years to come.”

— Ian T.

magnifying glass with an ear

Hearing Assessment

Comprehensive assessments performed by audiologists for both adults and children aged 3+.

an ear with a hearing aid fitted

Hearing Aid Prescription

As an independent audiology practice, we're able to offer all brands and models based on what suits your hearing needs.

sound waves with an ear

Tinnitus Management

Assessment and treatment of tinnitus or ringing in the ears.

an ear fitted with a hearing implant

Hearing Implants

A range of implant options depending on the hearing issue. Cochlear, middle ear and bone conduction implants.

cotton buds with an ear

Wax Removal

Safe and affordable wax removal by qualified audiologists



Book a hearing assessment


Review your assessment results with a qualified audiologist


Get back to healthy relationships with your personalised rehabilitation plan

a group of grey-haired men sitting together enjoying community and relationship

At every stage of our lives we're going through physical changes. While we're younger, we're growing and learning. As we grow older though, our ability to move changes. Things hurt more than they used to, and we experience a gradual decline in our physical ability. While this is a normal process, some of these changes are more significant than others. There are some changes that are just an inconvenience, while there are other changes that impose more limitations on our ability to enjoy life.


We believe hearing loss is one of the changes that can significantly interrupt you - by limiting your ability to have a conversation, which is the basis of human relationships. It becomes harder to be connected with your spouse, to engage in public life, to ask for help. If hearing loss is experienced at a young age, it can become even more frustrating dealing with expectations as well.

Here at Hello Hearing, we're passionate about restoring relationships degraded through hearing loss. By providing a hearing assessment, we're able to better understand what you're experiencing. We then look at suitable solutions which may involved hearing aids, which come in a range of different styles depending on your preference and needs, or hearing implants, which are generally for more severe hearing issues.


With a number of great hearing aid solutions, and a passionate team of qualified audiologists, we're going to do what we can to ensure that hearing loss doesn't restrict your quality of life, and instead provide you with options that help you reengage in relationships.

Dog with ear up

A brief guide to Ear Wax


Ear wax (or the medical term, cerumen) plays an important role in the proper functioning of the ear canals.

For some people it can be soft and sticky, while for others it can be drier and flaky.

For most people, ear wax causes no problems and requires no treatment, however, for others it can cause a range of symptoms and may require professional removal. Below, we will examine the function of ear wax, symptoms of excessive wax, along with various management techniques which can be employed.

Hello Hearing is proud to be an independent audiology clinic with a team of passionate, qualified audiologists.

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