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We are different!  Hello Hearing is your local authority on hearing solutions.  Founded in 2015 in Toowoomba, Queensland, our independence ensures we can give you unbiased advice on the full range of reputable hearing devices, including implants.  We are fully government-accredited under the Hearing Services Program, and one of the very few approved Medicare providers.

Hello Hearing is owned and operated by two audiologists and brothers, Jason and Matthew Le Dilly, who each hold close to 15 years of experience in the profession.  We are trusted by a large network of GPs and Ear Specialists in providing comprehensive and accurate assessments, many of whom now refer exclusively to our clinic.  We were invited to Cairns in 2018 to support local Cairns surgeon, Dr Suki Ahluwalia at his clinic - Coral Sea ENT.

Our objective is to provide personalised, holistic hearing care, not to be purely a hearing aid reseller as are the majority of hearing centres across Australia today.  We feel that trustworthy service and advice can be difficult to find these days, but you have our assurance we will strive to do our best by you and your family.

As a family owned clinic, we are proud of what we stand for and hold many years of experience helping people to reconnect. 


If you're finding it more difficult keeping up with the conversation, give us a call today - we'd love to hear from you!

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Hearing Assessment


Adults and children aged 5+

Hearing Aid Prescription


All brands, all models

Tinnitus Management


Ringing in the ears

Hearing Implants


Cochlear, middle ear, bone conduction implants

Auditory Processing


What our brain does with what we hear

Wax Removal




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Clinical Audiologist

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Customer Service Officer



"...I have my life back again!"

Lynette D.

"...I've been impressed by the friendly, personalised service at Hello, where the emphasis throughout has been on finding the right answer for me personally, not on making a sale."

“...I could not wish for a better outcome and look forward to our association in years to come.”

Ian T.

A. Smith

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