For GPs

We are a first class audiological service provider, rather than purely a hearing aid reseller like most other hearing clinics.

We are one of the few hearing clinics accredited to provide Medicare rebates for most of our routine assessments, made possible by a supervising Otologist who reviews our work.

We are accredited to provide no-gap services to Pensioners and Veterans under the Office of Hearing Services scheme.

We assess adults and children aged 3 and up.

All consultations are performed by Masters-level audiologists only.

We perform our own wax management.

We provide candidacy assessments for hearing implants (cochlear and bone-anchored implants), as well as performing the "switch-on" and ongoing management.

We have become the hearing clinic of choice among a growing network of GPs across the Greater Toowoomba region.

We are Toowoomba's ONLY locally owned and fully accredited hearing clinic, being independent of hearing aid manufacturers.

If you have patients who are struggling with their current hearing aids, this is our specialty.  As we are not bound to any particular manufacturer, we have the freedom to access the full range of rehabilitation options, including implantable and conventional hearing devices.  We each have significant experience working with a wide range of hearing technology.