Why Choose Us

We have a number of key strengths that benefit you:


We are Toowoomba's ONLY locally-owned fully-accredited hearing clinic, being independent of hearing aid manufacturers.

The majority of hearing centres today are owned by large corporations, often hearing aid manufacturers.  They have obvious vested interests in selling hearing aids, and in particular, their own brand of devices.  They also put sales pressure on their staff who in many cases are given steep hearing aid sales targets to achieve.  As a result, the unique needs of each client are not given the priority they deserve.  We would also argue that hearing rehabilitation is about more than just a hearing aid fitting.  At Hello Hearing, we are 100% owned and operated by two local audiologists and brothers, Jason and Matthew Le Dilly.  In fact, we are the only independent, fully-accredited and locally-owned hearing care clinic in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.  We have the freedom to, when necessary, prescribe the devices we truly believe to be best for each of our clients as part of a holistic rehabilitation plan.  This may include traditional hearing devices or implantable devices from the full range of manufacturers.


All of our clinicians are highly experienced audiologists. 

In Australia, it is not a requirement to be an audiologist in order to test hearing or to fit hearing aids.  Audiologists are university Master's degree graduates with extensive and ongoing training in hearing sciences and human communications.  An audiologist is the most competent health professional to diagnose hearing problems and manage hearing rehabilitation.  It should be noted that having an expert clinician who knows what they are doing is much more important than having only a good quality hearing device.  At Hello Hearing, we are Masters-level Audiologists and passionate about what we do.  We each hold the Audiology Australia Accredited Audiologist title, which requires us to follow a strict code of ethics outlined by Audiology Australia.  With over a decade of experience in the profession, we have worked across a broad range of settings including alongside Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) surgeons.  We have built a reputation of trust throughout the large local network of GPs and ENT surgeons, many of whom now refer their patients exclusively to our clinic.


Our routine hearing tests are comprehensive diagnostic assessments, cross-checked by a supervising ENT surgeon.*

We routinely look deeper into your hearing and ear health as part of our regular assessments, something you won't find across the majority of other hearing centres.  We have invested significant outlay into acquiring the highest quality diagnostic audiology equipment, well above the minimum requirements dictated by the Government Hearing Services Program.  In addition, we have an external consultant ENT surgeon who supervises the results and recommendations from our routine hearing tests.*  The benefits of this service are two-fold: 1) it provides an extra level of medical expertise and quality control; and, 2) allows us to provide Medicare rebates, meaning a lower out-of-pocket cost for you.  We take great pride in delivering the highest quality services to each of our clients.  It's about being thorough so we can confidently recommend the best course of action.

* Supervising ENT service does not apply to tests funded by the government Hearing Services scheme.


You will see the same clinician for each appointment.

At Hello Hearing, we are big enough to matter, but small enough to care.  Being a locally owned and operated clinic, this is your assurance that you'll be seen by the same local clinicians every time.  You won't be greeted by a revolving door of new faces which you may have been used to putting up with elsewhere.  We care about providing continuity of care and realise this is important to you.


What about the cost?

Let us assure you that as part of our client-focussed philosophy, our professional fees remain extremely competitive.  We are one of the very few hearing clinics who are approved to provide Medicare rebates for most routine audiology services, meaning a lower out-of-pocket gap for you.  We also provide the option of fully subsidised services and devices to eligible pensioners and veterans under the Office of Hearing Services scheme.  We're always conscious of offering value for money and keeping our services accessible to all.  We realise that our clients are the lifeblood of our clinic, and you are why we exist in the first place!


If you value a comprehensive evaluation and an independent recommendation from the broadest range of hearing rehab options, listen out for Toowoomba's very own Hello Hearing.  Come in and say hello today - we'd love to hear from you!